20 Jul 2018 (Fri)
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"Everyone must be proactive and do all they can to help themselves to stay employed." - Stephen Covey

Course Information
  Date   20 Jul 2018 (Fri)
  Venue   100 Orchard Road, Hotel Concorde
  Time   9am to 5pm
  Fees   $588 (Excluding GST)
Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch

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Kick the Dilly-Dally Habit and Start Being Effective at Work

At some point in your career you will come to realize that nobody will tell you what to do and you have to grab the bull by the horn and do what you think is necessary. If you intend to stay relevant and be a beneficial part of your organization you will have to have within you the skillsets that will make you proactive, productive and resourceful. These are the time immemorial skillsets that will determine your presence and relevance in your organization. Nobody will tell you how you can achieve this and if you are not mindful this will eventually guarantee your corporate demise.

Boost Your Productivity and Career by Being a Proactive Employee

To be proactive will require you to have a result-oriented approach to doing what you do every day. In this high impact workshop you will learn the nine strategies embedded by the acronym P.A.C.E.S.E.T.T.E.R © to nurture your heart, body, mind and soul and become highly productive and resourceful. This workshop will show you how you can activate your intrinsic motivation weather tough times, achieve every goal that you set and become solution focused instead of being problem-centric. By the end of the workshop you will understand and know what to do to be a dynamic individual in your organization and a great asset that your bosses won’t want to let you go.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand what is to be proactive and not being reactive
  • Understand why nobody will tell you what to do.
  • Develop effective thinking strategies which can be used in professional lives of supervisors and managers
  • Understand well what you want from your boss and what your boss wants from you
  • Connecting and communicating emotionally with everyone in your organization
  • Bridging the Performance Gap with effective problem solving skills
  • Learn to make decisions effectively and confidently
  • Apply the P.A.C.E.S.E.T.T.E.R © strategies to become proactive, productive and resourceful
  • Resolve conflict and work towards a win-win paradigm
  • Empowering individuals to use proactive thinking for win-win situation
  • Five step process to be the greatest asset to your organization
Course Outline

What you will cover in this action oriented 1 workshop

  • Understand what it takes to develop positive affirmation
  • Understand the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
  • Unleash the power of intrinsic motivation
  • Learning to Synergize and Synthesize
  • How to adapt to adverse situations
  • Taming your conscious mind and accentuating your unconscious mind
  • How to be more resourceful and being an asset to your organization
  • Introduction to the P.A.C.E.S.E.T.T.E.R concept.
  • Becoming solution focused instead of being problem-centric
  • How to emotionally connect with your boss, colleagues and subordinates
  • What you got to do to boost your LQ [Leadership Quotient]
  • Resolve conflict swiftly and objectively
  • Becoming Action-rich and not NATO [No action/Talk Only]
  • How to be consistent in what you are doing with forward thinking
  • Understand and apply P.A.C.E.S.E.T.T.E.R
Meet the Authority of Singapore: Daniel Theyagu

Daniel Theyagu has been a corporate trainer and performance evaluator since 1989 and has conducted training for more than 500 organizations with his participants coming from more than 100 countries. He has designed and delivered customize training program in areas of conflict resolution, negotiation skills, crisis management, leadership, performance management, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, critical thinking, systems thinking, speed reading, memory enhancement.

Daniel is the author of five books and has written more than 300 articles that have been published in Straits Times and other magazines and journals. Many of his articles are also found at: www.ezine.com/DanielTheyagu.

Daniel also regularly conduct radio talk shows with 938 Live [Singapore] and his workshops are featured regularly in the newspapers that attracts wide variety of participants. As a keynote speaker in conferences and seminars, Daniel is well known for his light-hearted and humorous approach to training by using metaphors and parables and engaging his participants actively throughout his training program. His key forte showing participants how to put use the techniques taught during the workshop and measuring the returns on investment.

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Please contact Ms Grace Zheng(65) 6720 3333 or
email: grace@aventisglobal.edu.sg

Date 20 Jul 2018 (Fri)
Venue Hotel Concorde, Orchard Road
Time 9.00am to 5.00pm
Fee $588 (exclu GST)
Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch
Enquiries Please contact Ms Grace Zheng(65) 6720 3333 or
email: grace@aventisglobal.edu.sg

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