11 Aug 2017 (Fri)
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Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) The Human Mind Unleashed

Is your mind on your side, lifting you up and helping you make the most of what you have?
Or does your mind make you nervous, judging you, and holding you back?
  Date   11 Aug 2017 (Fri)
  Venue   100 Orchard Road
Concorde Hotel
Level 4
Singapore 238840
  Time   9.00am to 5.00pm
  Fees   S$700 | S$420 After PIC Grant of 40%
Inclusive of tea break refreshments and buffet lunch (vegetarian / halal options)

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A good leader has been described as someone who could analyze data and using logical reasoning to create the best plan of action. What if this brilliant thinker has difficulty connecting with people? To influence people, the leader must be able to connect with others emotionally, also termed emotional intelligence (EQ). Such leader convinces by appealing to human emotions rather than using facts and figures. EQ is made up of personal competence and social competence. In contrast to cognitive intelligence (IQ) that stays relatively fixed, EQ is a flexible set of skills that could be improved with practice. However, while EQ may underscore self-awareness or self-management, it does not teach you how to weaken self-sabotaging inner voices or Saboteurs.

Studies have shown that positive emotions enable us to explore, to think more creatively, and to build human connections. This in turn leads to better health, more satisfying relationships, and greater professional achievement. Although your potential is determined in part by IQ and EQ, it is your PQ that determines what percentage of your vast potential you could achieve. The higher your PQ, the more control you’ll have over your mind, which means less mental hurdles to overcome. Sadly, it is human tendency or basic survival instincts to give up too early, allow fear and insecurity to paralyze us into inaction. As such, our mind, with its habitual dysfunctional thinking patterns, is routinely sabotaging our true potential where voices of Saboteurs are inaccurately perceived as voices of our trusted self.

Fortunately, there are ways to weaken the Saboteurs by forcing yourself to see the positive whenever you are trapped in a dire situation. One such way is by practicing mindful meditation. PQ reclaims the power of the mind by disarming negative thoughts. The positive mind directs our inner power to shift the focus of our mind towards positive, self-affirming thoughts promoting peace, happiness and tranquillity.

In a nutshell, PQ helps you reach your potential. When your mind is on your side, you flourish. When your mind works against you, you flounder.

In today’s world where most knowledge is only a Google search away, EQ and PQ have taken on greater significance where happy employees are found to be more productive and perform better. As the saying goes “Hire for personality; Train for skill” or rather “Hire for positivity; Train for skill”.

Key Takeaways

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • Power of the mind: Why our mind can be our best friend or worst enemy
  • Malleability of the mind: Is optimism an inborn temperament
  • Using positivity to increase personal effectiveness
  • Building resilience: Transforming negativity into optimism
  • Why PQ is more important than EQ & IQ in attaining success
  • Ways to weaken our inner voices of Saboteurs
  • Usefulness of mindful meditation to boost positivity
  • How your mind can help you reach your potential
  • PQ leads to higher productivity & better performance: Fact or Fiction
  • How to transform positivity into resilience in the face of uncertainties

Who Must Attend?
  • Managers, executives & team leaders who wish to transform their leadership
  • Employers who want to renew or enhance their leadership skills
  • Intelligent individuals whose potential has been undermined by lack of positivity
Trainer’s Profile

A Qualified Psychotherapist; Trained in Psychology; Group Facilitator & Personal Empowerment Coach: Siobhan Coulter
Born in Australia, Siobhan was a psychologist treating panic, anxiety and behavioral disorders. Other than Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, she is also skilled in facilitating past life regression and energy healing. Currently, as an in-house practitioner at The Golden Space, Siobhan combines her knowledge of psychology & intuitive wisdom to provide stress and anxiety solutions for her clients who are from all walks of life including those of senior management across the region. Her workshops empower individuals to live consciously with open hearts, create real connections and gain a deep understanding.

A writer at heart, Siobhan’s interesting and informative articles are featured regularly in magazines. Having had her personal awakening, Siobhan embraces everything in life with a wide, open heart. By understanding that one’s life journey can be fraught with pain, fear, self-doubt and other challenges, Siobhan strives to live authentically with a sense of mission and purpose. With her belief and innermost desire to live life with unconditional love, Siobhan is committed to sharing her wisdom and experiences with many others who may face various challenges in their lives.


"..It was a very relaxing & insightful experience. The speaker (Siobhan) & the facilitator were very warm, candid & calm. They made it easy for people to speak freely & share.." - Eugene Ng, MD of Antasis pte ltd

"As a meditation coach, Siobhan has a calming effect on people. As a speaker, her high energy & sense of humor have created a fun & vibrant atmosphere." - SL, patron of The Golden Space, Singapore

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Participants will each receive a Certificate of Excellence.
Date 11 Aug 2017 (Fri)
Venue 100 Orchard Road Concorde Hotel Level 4 Singapore 238840
Time 9am to 5pm
Fees S$700 | S$420 After PIC Grant of 40%
Inclusive of tea break refreshments and buffet lunch (vegetarian / halal options)

Serafin Lim at (65) 6720 3333 or email:


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