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How to Forge Winning and Productive Relationships with Your Team,Co-workers and key stakeholders

A Practical Guide to Master the Essentials of Effective Interpersonal Communication with R.E.A.LTM Techniques



Upholding positive interpersonal communication skills and business relationships among colleagues, subordinates and superiors is the key to maintaining a successful Career and productive work environment.

  • Have you ever considered how many times you may have said something unwittingly which put your team member off instead of spurring them on?

  • Do You Want to Know How To Communicate With People Effectively, Avoid Conflicts and Get What You Want From Them?

  • Are You Ready For R.E.A.L. (Relationship, Equip, Attitude & Leadership) Success?


Event Details

Date: 13 Sep 2017 (Wed)

Time: 9am - 5pm



100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel
Singapore 238840


Course Fees

$600 | $360 (After 40% PIC Grant)

Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials

To register, you can either register online or download a hardcopy registration form.


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Contact Details

Chye Fen Lim


6720-3333 | phone
6720-2222 | fax


A Practical, Fun Filled 1 Day workshop where you’ll discover how to work more effectively with all types of different people


This one-day course will equip you with the critical skills required for effective team communication that is required to forge successful win-win relationships within your team. It will show how you can use simple goal setting and communication exercises to bring cohesiveness to your group, increasing productivity and ultimate build strong winning teams that goes through changes and challenges together.


Key takeaways:

  1. Your Key to Success: Understand your interpersonal behavior and what it’s telling you

  2. Learn how to Build Positive Workplace Relationships between workers, co-workers, bosses

  3. Why people behave the way they do; Common behavior styles and how to communicate with each to get what you want

  4. Understand why people skills go bad: top mistakes that can sour any relationship

  5. Learn How to Stay Calm, Cool and Collected when handling Conflicts

  6. Learn how to create an Environment That Fosters Excellent Communication

  7. Realizing the value of yourself as a manager and leader


Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Executives, Supervisors or Project leaders

  • First-time leaders in search of a well-rounded and applicable philosophy of leadership

  • Established leaders in need of improvement in specific leadership skills

  • Potential leaders in need of preparation for a future leadership position

  • Executives and professionals who want to be effective communicators who can speak to a variety of audiences across organizational boundaries.




“Marie was very different from the many mentors I met. She came off as a firm and principled coach and leader. Yet, she took the thought to make the session light-hearted and engaging. Just our first session and I have been asked to think through many “homework” that has strategic implication. I am already looking forward to the next meeting! ” - Nelson Ng, CEO, GetzWork

“Marie is full of confidence, passion and enthusiasm. She is a leader who is unafraid of to blaze new trails - highly principled business leader and motivator. She is proactive in taking immediate action while caring for those around her. I am personally motivated by what she does and admire not only her guts and gusto, but her ability to nurture, care and groom those people around her.” - Walter Lim, Director, Cooler Insights


Trainer’s Profile


Founder and Managing Director of Solomon’s Guild – Ms Marie Ang


Marie Ang is the Founder and Managing Director of Solomon’s Guild and the Asia Pacific President of Academic Management Group, LLC. She serves on the advisory boards of several businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore.

She is an experienced leadership, personality and relationship coach, mentor, speaker and author with over 25 years of corporate management experience. She has worked in various countries and in diverse industries such as education, banking, finance and aviation.

Marie is a certified John C. Maxwell coach, mentor and a sought-after speaker in various business, educational and professional fora. She assists businesses in human capital development and business transformation.

Marie is Co-Advisor to Nanyang Technological University’s Entrepreneurship Society and is currently involved with developing and driving the mentorship program for the SG100 Foundation. Marie is a mentor and coach to MBA students at the University of Hong Kong, and Irish Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) in the Ireland Government Mentorship Program. She is also a partner of Platform E assisting their entrepreneurs on their start up journey.

Profiled in The Huffington Post (read more here http://huff.to/2nhh1sn) Marie’s passion is helping people to understand themselves better, to turn head knowledge into wisdom and to excel in career, relationship and life.

Her personal goal is to help people: convert a wedding to a marriage, a connection to a relationship, a wondering generality to a meaningful specific, knowledge to wisdom and mediocrity to significance.



100 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840


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