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Effective Presentation Skills: Speak with Confidence for Personal and Professional Success

How to Present Better with Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Best-Selling Author Jacky Lim


“You are born with only two fears: Fear of falling and fear of loud noise. All the rest is learned.”

– Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-Inventor of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Understand the Psychology of Persuasion and Engage Your Audience with NLP


For close to 45 years, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been proven as a consolidated system of the art and science of human excellence for success, helping countless individuals reach new heights in their personal and professional lives.


Considering both the conscious and sub-conscious decision-making processes as well as the inner neurological motivations of people, the use of NLP techniques and strategies in business presentations have been proven to help presenters engage and connect with their audience more easily, thereby influencing them.



Event Details

Date: 31 Jul 2017 (Mon)

Time: 9am - 5pm



100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel, Singapore 238840


Course Fees

S$600 (excluding 7% GST). Companies eligible for the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Grant may claim 40% of the course fees via IRAS after the course or choose to enjoy 400% tax deductions.

Fees are inclusive of buffet lunch, light refreshments for rest breaks, course materials and Certificate of Excellence.


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Contact Details

Ms Chye Fen Lim


6720-3333 | phone
6720-2222 | fax




Throughout this fun and enriching course, discover how great presenters like the late Apple founder Steve Jobs are able to turn even a seemingly boring technical presentation into an interesting and awe-inspiring one. Learn how you could finally overcome your nerves during presentations and become a more confident and competent presenter. Together with Certified American Board of NLP (ABNLP) Master Practitioner and Best-Selling Author Mr. Jacky Lim, discover the insider tips and tricks of becoming a great presenter.


Key Takeaways



In this course, you will discover how to:

  1. Project your credibility as a presenter;

  2. Uncover simple yet powerful NLP strategies to overcome the fear of public speaking;

  3. Gain greater confidence and exude charisma in delivering presentations;

  4. Learn the science of influence and persuade the audience with minimal resistance;

  5. Build rapport and effortlessly win the trust of the audience;

  6. Turn any presentation alive through the use of awesome visual aids;

  7. Develop an impactful presentation structure;

  8. Master simple techniques to think on your feet and handle impromptu speaking;

  9. Design your presentation to appeal to the four major needs of your audience.


Course Outline


Morning Session

  • Learn keys to building confidence in speaking

  • State management techniques to overcome fear in speaking

  • Analyzing your audience and identifying the 4 presentation objectives

  • Use specific words to connect with the 4 major kinds of audience

  • Develop the structure of your presentation

Afternoon Session

  • Use non-verbal cues to deliver key messages to audience

  • Master NLP Persuasive Linguistics to pace and lead audience

  • Master 3 simple techniques to tackle impromptu speaking

  • Handle Q&A sessions confidently and competently

  • Delivery of presentation and evaluation


Training Methodologies

  • Blended lecture and sharing sessions

  • Interactive activities and practice sessions

  • Modelling top presenters after viewing and discussion of related business communication videos


Who Must Attend?


This is a highly popular and engaging course specially designed for the following groups of working professionals:

  • Professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder;

  • Young executives with aspirations for advancement;

  • People who want to communicate with authority and poise;

  • Professionals who often meet high-value clients;

  • Salesperson, sales manager, entrepreneur, or small business owner who wants to boost their sales and improve their selling skills;

  • Those who regularly chair meetings, deliver speeches, and/or speak to internal and external customers and stakeholders for business or social purposes;

  • Anyone who wants to sharpen their presentation and communication skills.




“If you need a true professional who is not only knowledgeable about what he teaches but also passionate in helping others to bring out the best in themselves, then Jacky will be the one you’re looking for! Having attended Jacky’s NLP course in Singapore, I’d experienced first-hand Jacky’s passion and commitment in wanting to deliver the best he could for all his course attendees. Jacky’s great enthusiasm in NLP easily rubbed off onto everyone who attended his course, and I personally have learnt a lot from him.”- Zach Kong, SEO Consultant for SEO Top One

“NLP has not only given me a better understanding of how our mind works, but broaden and increase my awareness, generosity and accommodation to people and their behaviour around me. NLP has given me a lot of tools and understanding into communication, enhancing my rate of self-improvement.”  - Kris Kuah, Financial Advisor and Member of Million Dollar Roundtable

“The changes that NLP have brought to me are fundamental. It helped me realise the fact that individuals are SO different and it has provided me perspectives and tools in understanding and better working with others!”  - Cynthia Zhai, Executive Voice Coach and Trainer in Singapore, Connecting To Success


Trainer’s Profile


Certified American Board of NLP (ABNLP) Master Practitioner and Best-Selling Author: Jacky Lim


A worldwide-recognized NLP trainer and coach, Jacky is a communications expert who helps people communicate with influence. Highly valued for his transformational and results-oriented programs, Jacky has worked with over thousands of individuals in Singapore and the region from various organizations, ranging from schools, SMEs, MNCs, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Jacky has gained wide recognition in Singapore and in the Asian region as one of the most sought-after NLP Master Practitioners. He gained his NLP education from the American Board of NLP, one of the largest and respected NLP boards in the world. Jacky has also spent many years studying and learning with some of the best NLP Trainers in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA and the many other countries.

Over the last 10 years, Jacky has also competed in numerous Toastmasters speech competitions, emerging as the champion several times at the International Speech Contest, the Impromptu Speech Contest and the Speech Evaluation Contest. He is also a senior mentor and speech coach in one of Singapore's largest and oldest Toastmasters club, TMCS.

A regular article contributor to The Straits Times, Jacky has been featured twice on air with one of Singapore’s most popular radio stations, 93.8FM. More recently, he has also launched his first book “Increase Your Sales with NLP” which became one of the bestsellers in Singapore’s major Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya.




100 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840


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