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1 Day Companies Law Essentials for Non-Legal Executives and Professionals (Updated Edition 2017)




The objective of these latest changes to the Companies Act is necessary to make the ownership and control of business entities more transparent to boost Singapore's ongoing efforts to maintain our high corporate governance standards and strong reputation as a trusted and clean financial hub.

1 Day Critical Workshop for Executives and Business Owners

This high impact 1 day workshops seeks to equip you with the critical knowledge of Companies’ law in Singapore and the latest update and requirements. It brings the attendees through the life of a company from its incorporation to its winding up or liquidation. Through it, the course will provide attendees with an understanding of the effect and consequences of incorporating a company and the differences between conducting business in a sole proprietorship, a partnership and a private limited company. Attendees will appreciate the legal concept of a corporate entity, its legal effects and the rules governing interactions between individuals and a company. The course will also explore the relationships between the directors, the shareholders and the company. This will allow the attendees to have an understanding of the rights, obligations and risks of being a director and shareholder of a company.


Event Details

Date: 2 Aug 2017(Wed)

Time: 9am - 5pm



100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel
Singapore 238840


Course Fees

$700 | $420 (After 40% PIC Grant)

(Inclusive of one buffet lunch and two sessions of light refreshments)

To register, you can either register online or download a hardcopy registration form.


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Contact Details

Chye Fen Lim


6720-3333 | phone
6720-2222 | fax


Key takeaways


The course is aimed at providing attendees with basic working knowledge of company laws.

  • Individuals looking to start their own business, will gain an understanding of the risks and benefit of incorporating a company;

  • Entrepreneurs will gain a better understanding of the benefits and risks of conducting business through a company and will understand the rights and obligations of various parties interacting with a company;

  • Shareholders will become more aware of their rights, obligations and risks as investors or owners of a company;

  • Creditors of company will gain a better understand of the concept of limited liability and will be better placed when dealing with a company especially when it is insolvent;

  • Directors or potential directors will gain a better understanding of their duties, functions, obligations and risks as directors of a company.


Course Outline


The course is aimed at providing attendees with basic working knowledge of company laws.

  1. Incorporation and its effect.

    1. Different kinds of business organization.

    2. Why incorporate a company?

    3. The powers, rights and capacity of a company.

    4. Who controls a company, the board of directors, the managing director or shareholders?

  2. Shareholders

    1. What are the rights and obligations of shareholders.

    2. Who owns the assets of the company?

    3. Can a shareholder sue for wrong done to a company.

  3. The Duties and Powers of A Director

    1. Qualifications of a director.

    2. Who may not act as a directors

    3. Directors’ duties under Companies Act and general law.

  4. Winding up, liquidating or dissolving a company

    1. The different ways a company may be dissolved.

    2. What happens when a company is insolvent?

      1. The rights of creditors against a company which is insolvent

      2. The duties of directors when a company is insolvent.

    3. The effects and consequences when a company is wound up.

      1. Who controls the company in liquidation?

      2. Who will get the remaining assets of the company?

      3. Which creditors will be paid first during liquidation?


Course Methodology


The seminar will include a lecture on the technical aspect of the law as well as lively discussion of various complex legal concepts using easy to understand everyday examples. The discussions also focuses on the logic and reasons behind complex legal concepts to help attendees better grasp and remember some of the more complex legal ideas behind companies law.




“The trainer was well prepared and was able to explain difficult concepts simply. Really appreciate the sharing session” - Senior Executive, NGO

“The examples used by Boon On were very useful and effective and this allows us to grasp and remember complex concepts quickly” - Director, Asia Pacific International Academy


Trainer’s Profile


Partner of Eldan Law LLP: Mr Yong Boon On


Boon On has been practicing in the area of dispute resolution since 2003. He has advised and represented a wide array of clients including government authorities, developers, contractors, major international corporations as well as individuals in both courtroom disputes and arbitrations and in a wide variety of disputes such as commercial disputes, shareholders disputes; employment disputes, cross-border contractual disputes, engineering and construction disputes and insurance disputes.

Some significant matters that Boon On has worked on include arbitration in relation to breach of directors’ duties and claims arising out of the construction of a large power plant project in Indonesia and claims arising out of a railway construction project.

Boon On graduated from the National University of Singapore in June 2002 with a Bachelor of Laws LL.B (Honours) (Second Upper Division). He was called to the Singapore Bar in May 2003.

In addition, Boon On holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Second Upper Division) 1996 from the National University of Singapore. He practised engineering until his admission to read law in 1999.

Boon On also holds a Master of Science in Applied Finance from the National University of Singapore.

Boon On is active in various Pro Bono initiatives. He has advised and acted for individuals under the Law Society Legal Clinic and the Ministry of Law’s Legal Aid Bureau Schemes.

Boon On is also an Accredited Adjudicator.



100 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840


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