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1 Day Business Transformation Strategy Masterclass for Business Leaders and Managers

How to Scale your Business to a Whole New Level with SQC TM Business Transformational Framework



Grow your profits 4 times Faster than Industry Average using The Tried and Tested Way.

Wouldn’t you like to know how you can run your business to achieve the following?

  1. Accelerate Change with minimal disruption

  2. Minimize cost through improve operational efficiency

  3. Adopt innovation and effective Management practices

  4. Instantly improved Customer Satisfaction on Demand

  5. Improve process, productivity and work performance

  6. Reduced Employee turnover and enhance accountability

  7. Applying the Best practice to grow your business and profit above industry average in less than 3 months.


Event Details

Date: 19 Jul 2017 (Wed)

Time: 9am - 5pm



100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel
Singapore 238840


Course Fees

$600 | $360 after PIC grant of 40%

(Inclusive of one buffet lunch and two sessions of light refreshments)

To register, you can either register online or download a hardcopy registration form.


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Contact Details

Chye Fen Lim


6720-3333 | phone
6720-2222 | fax


Why Trial and Error when you can simple adopt a Proven and Successful Model


There is an abundance of evidence from the US showing the impact of the Baldrige Award on business performance. The ratio of benefits to cost of the Baldrige program for the US economy has been estimated at a staggering 820 to 1! On the home-front, a 2014 study by the NUS Business School has shown that companies adopting these BE standards for 5-10 years are achieving 25.5% in profit growth against the industry average of 6.3%!


Wouldn’t you like to know what it takes to get there?


Join us on this one-day highly proven world-class management course to learn more on how to transform your business into success and excellence. You would be able to gain the hidden secrets that all leaders would not want you to know!


A practical Workshop that includes all the Tools and Techniques you need in a 1 Stop Solution


Singapore Quality Class certification is based on a holistic business excellence framework modelled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the grandfather of Quality Awards worldwide, outside of Japan. Therefore, it is NOT simply a national recognition; it is a WORLD-CLASS Management framework. This framework is the de facto Management system for the Singapore civil service. No wonder our public service is so effective and efficient!



  • An overview of the Singapore Quality Class framework

  • Impact of Business Excellence frameworks on business success

  • The 7 pillars of the framework

  • The Attributes of Excellence

  • Quality Leadership – role of Top Management

  • Introduction to Hoshin Strategic Planning

  • KPIs, Balance Score Card & the CEO’s Performance Dashboard

  • Case Studies – how one world-class excellence company does it?

  • A Roadmap for MY Company


Who Should Attend


This workshop is highly recommended for Managers, directors, CEOs and key decision makers across MNCs, SME and NGOs. Senior officers from government agencies will also benefit from this highly insightful workshop




“Chor Hoong was able to interlink organisational issues and organisation’s vision to creating a set of KPIs. This kind of system thinking is highly commendable as it was apparent that she could approach problems innovatively from all aspects, whilst understanding the constraints that all organisations face.” - Carol Teo, Assistant Director for Performance Unit, Attorney General’s Chambers

“I joined this course with the intention of introducing KPIs into my companies. A very hands-on and down-to-earth consultant, her training classes are sprinkled with generous doses of mini-consulting sessions. Chor Hoong has a high comprehensive capacity and excellent analytical power which she gets totally drawn into her participants’ work scenarios and real-life applications.” - Randy Seow, General Manager, Jinray Electronics and Mecba Technology Group of Companies


Trainer’s Profile


Total Quality Management Expert and Founder of TQM Consultancy: Tan Chor Hoong


Chor Hoong holds an MBA (Marketing Major) and an Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Upon graduation, she joined the multiple Quality Award-winning American MNC Texas Instruments Singapore - the first company to win the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) - where she was to receive intensive and extensive training in Quality Management, both locally as well as overseas. Rising rapidly up the managerial ranks, she held several key Management positions, both in Operations as well in Quality.

Chor Hoong’s greatest contributions to the industry are in the areas of KPI Design, Business Process Reengineering, Quality Leadership and application of Statistics for Quality improvement.

Her biggest strength lies in her skilful ability to incorporate, interweave and synergize the various quality disciplines, hard skills and soft skills (mindset changes), tactical and strategic, to achieve high-level objectives. This is clearly evident in her work with the industry on KPI development. She has been instrumental in helping the industry understand that KPIs are far more than a HR tool for performance management. Chor Hoong’s KPIs measure the entire organization’s performance; her KPI training will take you from the mathematical technicalities to the CEO’s dashboard.

Chor Hoong holds an impressive track record of helping her clients attain the Singapore Quality Class, on the first attempt and in double-quick time!

Chor Hoong is also ACTA-certified and is a Practising Management Consultant.



100 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840


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