14 & 15 May 2018 (Mon & Tue)
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Stage 2: Art of War Advanced

Course Information
  Date   14 & 15 May 2018 (Mon & Tue)
  Venue   100 Orchard Road, Hotel Concorde
  Time   9am to 5pm
  Fees   $1200 Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch

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The Art of War is one of the most ancient Chinese treatise on military leadership and strategy. It was written by strategist, general and warrior-philosopher, Sun Tzu. The Art of War has by now transcended military applications. Sun Tzu's ancient The Art of War has inspired military, political, and business leaders across the world with its brilliant strategies for prevailing against opponents. Today, Art of War is applied across business, politics, diplomacy, sports and leadership. Studied widely by executives and business leaders across the world, it provides critical insights on how to deal with conflict with wisdom and honor, how to lead others and emerge victorious from adversity. At the core of sun Tzu’ Strategy is that size alone does not guarantee wins. Strategy, positioning, planning, leadership--all play equally significant roles, making Sun Tzu's teachings perfect for business leaders, senior officers and entrepreneurs entrenched in fierce local or global competition for customers, market share, talent.

The Complete Art of Strategy Masterclass Series Sun Tzu Art of War (Chinese: 孫子兵法

Now you can leverage on over 2,500 of wisdom to help you seize competitive advantage, transform your business terrains and conquer new markets with the Complete Art of Strategy Series.

Stage 1: Art of Strategy (Foundation) | Understanding the Principles of Art of War for Personal & Business Success 11th and 12th January 2018

Tracing to the root wisdom of Sun Zi's Art of War, iChing, to discover the principles to manage change to attain fortunes and avoid disasters. This workshop will allow students to master the techniques of OODA (observe, orient, decide, and act). Understand business as a love affair with customers and adapting the Art of War to business and integrating the modern western management and technology to make the Art of War relevant and up-to-date. Integrating Blue Ocean Strategies, Market Development Life Cycles of Geoffrey Moore and Disruptive Innovation Theory Clayton Christensen. Master "The Art of War for Business" 1A3B5C5M framework to move away from SWOT to TOWS for designing winning strategies.

Stage 2: Art of Strategy Masterclass (Advanced) | Designing Winning Strategy for Self and Business | 8th and 9th Feb 2018

The sustainable growth of an organization depends on its leadership and corporate culture. Building upon the learning of the previous workshop, we discuss the competitive forces in the market and derive the market entrance and growth strategies. This course will shed light on the five attributes of leader taught by Sun Zi, covering more than the 4 behaviors of CEO Genome Research.  It is discussed in detail with the situational driven dynamic leadership centricities of iChing.  This workshop will also explore the factors for building organization power and the sicknesses to be avoided leading to the development of the ideal organization of self-directed and self-organized teams. This concludes with the fusion mindset of champions.

Stage 3: Art of Strategy (Mastery Level) |Be a Certified Art of War Business Strategist | 10th March and 14th April 2018

Unlock Sun Tzu Art of War Leadership Secrets: How To Become A Superior Leader Utilizing The Principles Of The Art Of War Strategy. Finding and developing answers to your issues with the wisdom of the Art of War for business. The Art of Strategy Certification level provide small group coaching sessions personalized for maximum relevance and effectiveness to your business. You will learn how to use timeless principles of leadership, psychology and power to achieve everything you set out to do. Both your private and professional lives will benefit immensely from understanding and applying the leadership secrets of Sun Tzu. Upon successful completion of this Masterclass, you will receive a “Art of War” Business Strategist Certification.

Sun Tzu Art of Strategy (Advanced)

Sun Tzu Art of Strategy (Advanced) | Designing Winning Strategies for Transforming Business and Life

8 & 9 February 2018 | $1,200

Let Sun Tzu Be At your side to help you strategize to Win and futureproof your Business and Success.

Strategy and Leadership is not complex. But it is hard. It’s hard because it forces us to make difficult decisions and hard choices. Successful business leaders get to the heart of strategy. Building upon the learning of the previous workshop, Business Strategist and Coach, Mr Lim Liat will explain in Depth on how you can master the Art and Science of Winning Strategy, explaining what it’s for, how to think about it, why you need it, and how to get it done.

Case Studies on How Successful Companies Applies Art of War

Mr Lim Liat will share with you the latest case studies and examples of how companies ranging from Toyota to Alibaba drawn upon Art of War strategy to overcome business challenges and conquer new business, he will clearly illustrate how these businesses apply Art of War Strategy to help them make the right choices and the difference between just playing the game and actually winning.

Immediate Takeaway

Mastering Art of War Strategy will make you more successful in business and life

  • The 5 attributes of Leader taught by Sun Tzu and how it applies to you
  • The competitive forces in the market and derive the market entrance and growth strategies
  • Time Your Strategies for Market Entrance and Growth
  • Be Like Water: Applying situational driven dynamic leadership centricities of iChing
  • Focus priorities and resources on conquering key challenges
  • Overcoming limitations by leveraging on Your Strength
  • Build and leverage strategic alliances as Part of Your Business Strategy
  • An Organization Health Check for Your Company
  • Your Guides for Developing Organization Power in your business
  • How to build and lead self-directed team and self-organized organizations
  • The Fusion Mindset of Champions in Life and Business
Who Should Attend:
  • Senior officers and Executives from government agencies or MNCs
  • CEOS, C Level Executives, directors, Head of Departments
  • Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Business consultants, Business consultants and advisors
  • Sales and marketing, business development Executives
  • Lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals seeking to futureproof and dominate their domain
  • Trainers, Coaches, academics and lecturers involved in Chinese studies
  • Anyone keen to apply Art of War to their daily life

 “It is pretty rare to find the courses that he teaches offered elsewhere with other trainers in Singapore or even in the world. The key to maximum engagement in the class is the way you teach – being a subject expert and being open to other people’s opinions – Lim Liat is definitely both. All levels of working professionals in any industry will benefit from his courses.” Caroline Tracy Lee, Manager for Strategic Planning and Policy, AIA

“I am not a Chinese and was thinking that I may have trouble understanding Lim Liat’s courses because his professional background and interest are towards Chinese management philosophies but this is not true. He is effectively bilingual with experience in many industries. Most courses out there are pretty general and do not apply to your work or life so you walk away retaining no new information in the long term but not courses by Lim Liat.” Muhammad Khairul, Staff Officer for Singapore Customs

“This is the type of course that I feel does not only focus on business outcomes, but also on personal outcomes. My time was well-spent indeed. Lim Liat’s courses are suitable for everyone, and I will also ask my staff members to join me for other courses.” Emma Wai, Senior Assistant Director for Corporate Development and Administration, Bureau Design Studio

Art of War Strategist: Mr Lim Liat, Serial Entrepreneur and Public Service Commission Merit and a Commonwealth Scholar

Mr Lim Liat founded a BvOtech (Business value Oriented technology) to help people and businesses to be more successful through synergizing the the best of East and West strategies using Chinese classical wisdom such as I-Ching, the philosophies of the Dao School (Lao Zi), Ru School (Confucius), Mo School, Fa School and Sun Zi’s Art of War and more. Lim consults for start-ups, SMEs, MNCs and GLCs. CEO of BvOtech, a Pan Asia Business consultancy, Mr Lim Liat sits on the advisory boards of Institutes of Higher Learning and investment committees. He has more than 30 years of technology and management experience. A pioneer of Singapore Computer Systems in 1980, Liat contributed to the its listing on the Singapore Exchange, reaching a revenue of about $1200 million operating in over 9 countries.

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Please contact Chye Fen(65) 6720 3333 or
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Date 14 & 15 May 2018 (Mon & Tue)
Venue Hotel Concorde, Orchard Road
Time 9.00am to 5.00pm
Fee $1200
Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch
Enquiries Please contact Chye Fen (65) 6720 3333 or
email: chyefen@asm.edu.sg

Key Outline
  • A Quick Review of The Art of War Business 1A3B5C5M
  • Terrain and Markets – Achieving Market Leadership
    • The Six Terrains to Customers and Michael Porter's Competitive Advantages
    • Market Entrance Strategy
    • Steve Blanks' "Four Steps to Epiphany" & Eric Ries' "Lean Start-up" Strategies
    • Workshop 1 - Market Entrance Strategy
    • The Nine Markets and the Strategies for Growth
    • Workshop 2 - Growing Your Market Strategies
  • The Five Leadership Attributes and the details
    • What wisdom, trust, love, boldness and disciplines are
    • Defining strategic jobs, knowing the people and match them with the right jobs
    • Dynamic Leadership Model - Leadership Lessons from I-Ching. Four foundational Attributes and Five Dynamic Centricities
    • Workshop 3 - What is the Leadership Model for Me Now?
  • Developing Organization Power
    • Six Areas of Proficiencies - Design, Talents, Attack, Defend, Innovate, Control Others
    • Four Performance Levers - Morale, Heart, Productivity and Adaptability
    • Five Winning Keys – fight-when, use of sizes, unity, ready, no-interference
    • Transformation of Fallen Enterprise
    • Case Study - Apple, Xerox, Home Depot successful transformation strategies
    • Workshop 4 - Your Transformation Strategies
  • Organizational Health Check
    • The Three Detrimental Interferences of the Chairman and the Board
    • The Five Strengths that Become Weaknesses – reckless, survival, quick-temper, upright, compassionate
    • The Six Terminal Sicknesses of a Corporation
    • Workshop 5 - My Company Health Check
  • The Ideal Organization
    • Self-motivated, self-directed and self-organized to quickly adapt and ride on changes and complexities
    • Workshop 6 - Steps to Moving My Company to be Better
  • The Fusion Mindsets of Champions