3 Apr 2018 (Tue)
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The ROI for Success Business Results

Demystify ROI: Apply the Proven Road Map to Effectively Measures Business Impact

Course Information
  Date   3 Apr 2018 (Tue)
  Venue   11 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
  Time   9am to 5pm
  Fees   $700 (inclusive of lunch and light refreshments)

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Using ROI Analysis to Protect Your Business in Good Times and Bad Times for business directors, senior managers, executives and project managers

As an experienced Manager or corporate executive you are often responsible for running initiatives for your organisation. But it is not always easy to properly determine the benefits to your organisation either as a business impact or in monetary terms.

  • How much of the resources that your company spends on internal projects, programmes and initiatives, generates a positive business benefits? And what is the Return On Investment (ROI) on what you spend?
  • While many methods exist to measure ROI on your sales and capitalised investments, few credible methods exist to quantify the benefits of internal department schemes and processes.

Introducing the Phillips ROI Methodology: The Leading Standards in ROI and Business Impact Measurement

Using this highly popular methodology, you will be able to convey to senior stakeholders and decision makes the true value of the projects, programmes and initiatives you run. Whether you are: -

  • A corporate leader or director needing to know the actual value delivered from the money you spend, or
  • A division head or line manager who wants to come to the table with solid business impact measurements and precisely determined Return On Investment (ROI) data, or
  • A company executive or project manager wishing to improve your capabilities with a globally-accepted skills;
Applying Psychology of Constructive Influencing During Negotiation

If you would like to acquire a clear understanding of the psychology and importance of negotiation in every aspect of daily life, and be equipped with simple, yet effective tools of effective communication to achieve desired results for personal benefit and for the benefits of the company they are working for, this workshop is for you!


In this 1 day’s course, you will be introduced to the tools you need to bridge the gap between your HR activities and the business/financial benefit that senior executives need to know. You will learn the tools you need to derive the business impact and Return On Investment (ROI), using the world class Phillips ROI Methodology.

What is the Phillips ROI Methodology®?

The Phillips ROI Methodology® is an accredited, world-class method to derive and calculate Business Impact and Return On Investment in any organisation, no matter how complex. Originally developed by Dr.Jack Phillips, Founder of the ROI Institute, it has been refined over several decades and applied world-wide as an industry standard business technique. The Phillips ROI Methodology® is recognised and adopted by the United States Government and other governments as well as the United Nations, and is being used in the thousands of medium and large corporations world-wide including Lockheed Martin, Dell Computers, Apple, Shell, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Hilton Hotels, SocieteGenerale Bank, Federal Express and the Singapore Defence, Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) to measure, understand and control corporate costs.

Why Attend This Course?

What ROI Really Means to Your business is a fast-paced, one-day course run by the Official Asia-Pacific Partner to the ROI Institute. This course will show you how experts derive the business impact of corporate initiatives and Return On Investment (ROI) using the Phillips ROI Methodology®, and how you and your team can too. We focus on simple, easy to understand methods,so you don’t need a financial background to accurately and logically calculate the ROI of your activities and report your results credibly, and the course is exercise-driven so you can experience the skills you’ll need to use the methodology effectively.

By the end of this course, you will be able to: -

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Phillips ROI Methodology®
  • Appreciate the importance of ROI and be able to explain it to other senior management and executives;
  • See how an effective ROI Impact Study is conducted, and how to initiate and support one;
  • View your projects, programmes and initiatives from an ROI perspectives, and
  • Make the case for measuring ROI in non-capitalised investments.

The What ROI Really Meanscourse is also the first required step for those who may wish to obtain the sought-after CRP (Certified ROI Professional) credential which is currently held by just over 5,000 people, yet is a vital skill appreciated by organisations world-wide.

Lead Facilitator: ROI Regional Expert, Colin Millward (MBA PMP® CRP)

Colin Millward MBA PMP® CRP is a Certified ROI Professional (CRP) with the ROI Institute and is considered a regional expert in the Phillips ROI Methodology®, having implemented multiple ROI Impact Studies and conducted training and consulting for many organisations in the Asia-Pacific region. He has a thirty year background leading financial computer systems implementations and other corporate projects in the UK, Middle East, United States and Asia-Pacific region. He has held division responsibility several times and has founded and grown the Business Evaluation Centre, a Singapore-based company and the Official Asia-Pacific Partner of ROI Institute, over many years.

Colin also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, an Advanced Masters Certification in Applied Project Management and a PMP® certification with the Project Management Institute. He is an accredited Principal Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre where he works with corporations to resolve business disputes.

Trainer’s Testimonials

“I already feel confident that I could execute ROI measurement activities at my current company without fail” - Mariko, Project Manager, Logicalis

“The workshop on ROI was very useful for me, as in my role I am required to show the business impact of talent development initiatives on a regular basis” - Mukta, Head-People and Talent Development-Asia Pacific, SocieteGenerale

“Colin’s exceptional delivery of the course material made the session extremely interesting” – Edwin, A*Star Singapore
“Delivery by industry experienced presenter made this training fun. Highly appreciated” - Saurabh, SWIFT

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Date 3 Apr 2018 (Tue)
Venue 11 Orchard Road #04-100, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Time 9.00am to 5.00pm
Fee $700 (inclusive of lunch and light refreshments)
Enquiries Please contact Chye Fen 6720 3333 or
email: chyefen@asm.edu.sg

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Key Outlines

  1. A True Definition of Value
    • What is value?
    • Why measure ROI?
    • What is suitable for ROI measurement?
    • ROI Myths
  2. Six Types of Measurement
    • Data we need to identify, collect, collate and process to measure value
  3. The Phillips ROI Methodology®
    • Introduction to the Phillips ROI Methodology®
    • How and where to collect data
    • ROI and BCR Calculations
    • Establishing reasons for the study
    • Examination of selected case studies
  4. Planning Your Evaluation
    • Five essential evaluation steps
    • Setting your reaction, learning, applications and impact objectives
    • Introducing and using the “V” Model
  5. Conducting your ROI impact study
    • Valid data collection methods
    • Data source and factors to consider
    • Obtaining meaningful information from collected data
  6. Implementation Strategies & ROI Best Practices
    • Data isolation techniques.
    • Ensuring the credibility of estimates
    • Establishing the source of improvements
  7. Getting to the Numbers
    • Data integrity and credibility
    • Concluding your ROI and BCR figures
    • Defining and establishing intangibles
    • Reporting ROI to stakeholders
  8. Summary and Discussion
    • Where and how to get ROI started in your organisation.