8 & 9 Oct 2018 (Mon & Tue)
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HR Analytics And Talent Scorecard Analysis

An Organizational Psychology Approach to Aligning HR Initiatives with Organizational Goals and Growth.

Course Information
  Date   8 & 9 Oct 2018 (Mon & Tue)
  Venue   100 Orchard Road, Hotel Concorde
  Time   9am to 5pm
  Fees   $1,280
Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch

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The Growing Importance of HR Analytics as a Critical Skills Set for HR Professionals

HR analytics or talent analytics is the application of data analytics techniques to human resources data. HR analytics is not solely about gathering data on employee and organization processes; instead it aims to provide insights into each process by using data to make relevant decisions, improve the processes and operational performance. HR collects enough data on employee’s personal information, compensation, benefits, retirements, attrition, performance, succession time to time so it is important to use it properly to interpret the outcome and spots the trends.

Key Challenges in HR Analytics: What Data to Analyse?

The challenge of human resources analytics is to identify what data should be captured and how to use the data to model and predict capabilities so the organization gets an optimal return on investment.

A 2 Day Masterclass by Organizational Coach, Ms Eileen Seah (Master of Orgn Psychology, City Uni of New York)

Let highly acclaimed Organizational Coach, Ms Eileen Seah, shares with you a concise, hands-on guide to Predictive HR Analytics using the latest concept and toolkits from Fortune 500 companies. In this 2 days practical masterclass, you will learn useful toolkits and HR Analytics Techniques to deliver measurable and high impact results. This intensive 2-day professional certification will also equip you with working knowledge of how to effectively apply HR analytics as part of your strategic planning processes.

Key Takeaways

Filled with step-by-step instructions, you will be able to effectively and confidently handle HR analytics as a Strategic Partner in your organization. At the end of this 2 Day Masterclass, you will be able to confidently demonstrate and present the critical value of HR Analytics to helping achieving corporate goals.

  • Confidently handle business data and HR Analytics with ease and clarity
  • Present quantitative data showing how human capital activities influence organizational performance
  • Innovative, forward-thinking strategies that take your HR efforts to the next level
  • Identify hidden factors that impacts employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Improve organizational performance through quality talent related decisions
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when using Predictive HR Analytics
  • Forecast workforce requirements and utilization for improved business performance.
  • Optimization of talents through development and planning using best in class HR Analytics approaches used by Fortune 500 companies to lead the business around human capital measures.
  • A comprehensive set of toolkits to identify, prepare and manage your data analysis process.
  • Design and develop the process in using organizational surveys and develop actionable plans to enhance organizational efficiency and performance.
  • Learn Preventive measures to overcome varying types of biases in decision making.
Who Will Benefit Most

This 2-day Masterclass aims to raise the level of competency, confidence and capability of HR professionals in the use of analytics to undertake data analysis and organizational surveys. This Masterclass is highly suitable for

  • Managers, senior government officers, HR Professionals.
  • Senior executives, HOD, country heads who are involved in HR functions
  • Organizational Coach, Consultants and Functional leaders that are involved in people management.

“Eileen is both knowledgeable and sincere in helping others to succeed. I strongly recommend managers to listen with an open mind as I have personally benefitted from her counsel in my career journey”
Jamie Lee, Integration Sourcing Manager, Australia New Zealand Bank Ltd. 

“I never knew something so simple can be so powerful and Eileen has helped me to stay focused on what I can change”
Michael Ang, Customer Experience Improvement Manager, DBS Singapore.

Organizational Psychologist, Ms Eileen Seah (Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The City University of New York)

Eileen is an Organisational Psychologist with a unique mix of HR and business skills and have personally coached hundreds of professionals in career transition by instilling and inculcating positive psychology throughout each journey.

She started her career at the Ministry of Defence as part of campus hire and moved to join a local bank as a Graduate Trainee, prior to leading Customer Service, Operations, Tactical Marketing, Learning & Talent Development teams in Asia for MNCs such as SITA and Thomson Reuters. Eileen enjoys connecting with people. In addition to the MSc, she holds an MBA, a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, a post-graduate diploma in Marketing and is a certified facilitator across different Talent Development programs and tools.

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Date 8 & 9 Oct 2018 (Mon & Tue)
Venue Hotel Concorde, Orchard Road
Time 9.00am to 5.00pm
Fee $1,280
Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch
Enquiries Please contact Rina (65) 6720 3333 or
email: training@aventisglobal.com

Key Highlights

Day 1: Talent Analytics

Focus on using Analytics to improve HR processes from talent management like personal development, recruitment, succession planning, retention etc.

How to use Analytics to identifying top performers

How to identify the gaps in business process

Role of Business Intelligence in driving business growth

Identifying key metrics to support business decisions on Human Capital for:

    • Building a robust talent pipeline
    • Determining the current cost of good, average & poor hire
    • Average fill rate
    • Level of employee engagement, retention and progress
    • Success rate & length of onboarding for internal transfers, new hires etc.
    • Contribution rate of each employee based on business priorities

Interpreting data and review of actions taken at various decision levels

Day 2: Predictive Workforce Analytics 
Focused on the type of data and Analytics that you need to improve people and strategic decisions using Organizational Surveys

  • Identify data sources
  • Design post review actions
  • Assess impact of actions

Using HR Analytics for Better Decision Making – Case Studies

  • Mitigate biases in decision making
  • Build a collaborative culture for success

Wrap Up: Class Reflection, Sharing and Action Points

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