How To Claim SkillsFuture Credit

Step 1: Register for our course (Aventis Learning Group)

  1. Visit or speak to our education consultant at 6720 3333
  2. Submit application for approval
  3. Upon approval of course, you can proceed to make your claim via

Step 2: Claim (SkillsFuture Credit)

  1. Go to, login with your SingPass ID/password.
  2.  On the My SkillsFuture Credit Page, click on ‘Submit a Claim’
  3. If this is your first time submitting a claim, you will be prompted to update the mandatory fields under ‘My Profile’.  To continue, click on ‘Proceed. Select Save My Profile at the bottom of the page to save your updated details.
  4. You will be directed back to the ‘Submit a Claim page.
    • Select any date in Course Start Date i.e 27 March 2017
    • Enter Training Provider name ‘Aventis Learning Group’ and select ‘Search’
    • Click on “CRS-N-XXXXX Course NAME” and click on ‘Done’.

    *Before submitting a claim, participants should have already have registered for a course. Participants are able to submit a claim as early as 60 days before the course start date.

  5. Enter $500 or Fees and select <Pay To>, select Training Provider.

* Please print screen the “Claim submitted” page below to be emailed to your respective Aventis Consultant

Step 3: Check (Claims Status)

  1. Once logged in the SkillsFuture Credit Portal, check if the “Claim Status’ is ‘Approved”. If approved, credit has been paid to Aventis Learning Group
  2. If Claim Status has been “Rejected”, a SMS notification (with reason) should be sent to you. You will need to check with Skillsfuture as to why the claim is rejected.

Step 4: Payment

  1. if approved, you need to ensure that your remaining Payment (via cheque/transfer) are to be made to Aventis Learning Group 5 working days prior course start date.

Step 5: Attend

  1. A confirmation email will be sent to remind you of Course.
  2. Attend Course and remember to sign in and sign out of each class.

If you require any assistance, please feel free to refer to >